Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Expendables Movie Review

The Expendables (2010) - Directed by Sylvester Stallone

As far as testosterone-fueled, ass-kicking gore fests go, this movie does pretty well for itself. It's major draw comes from it's all-star cast of action movie heroes... it's even got a cameo by one austrian-born California governor, which was a pretty cool surprise to see. Despite being one of the better blockbuster popcorn flicks of the year, I still think this movie falls short on many measures of good filmmaking.

I feel like Stallone tried way too hard to show off his machismo... not only in his own egotistical way, playing the main character, the one who is also the leader of the gang of mercenaries who kills the most bad dudes, and gets the beautiful girl in the end, but this hulk like attitude shows throughout the entire movie. Between riding around on big, loud motorcycles, to tattoo parlors and mass murder and huge explosions, you really can't escape the feeling that you are in a thirteen year old boy's fantasy.

I don't like the way the movie glorifies violence and murder. The mercenaries travel to the small island of Vilena, which they state in the film has a population of only a thousand residents. You then proceed to watch footage of Stallone and his mercenaries murdering no less than 150 of these residents, just because they happen to work for a certain evil American businessman. Not once is any repercussion or regret ever experienced on account of taking a life. Nope, you'd think killing scores of men was as natural as going to work or checking your sports scores by the way these guys treat it. Or how about when Jason Statham only wins back his cheating woman by kicking a bunch of asses? This movie is what is wrong with American cinema today... it further promotes our unhealthy obsession and tolerance for violence, displaying it as a normal and inconsequential activity. Even "fun" in many circumstances.

Sure, it was an enjoyable two hours to watch some guys have their shit fucked up by a bunch of the best action heroes of our time, but all in all I was disappointed with the attitude the movie carried with it. Oh, and also the CGI in this movie absolutely BLOWS. I thought I might have been transported back into the early nineties at a few points!

Overall rating: 5/10 stars

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